Configure Unity Catalog storage account for CORS

You must configure cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for Databricks to manage personal staging locations in Unity Catalog. Personal staging locations store temporary files used for various integrations with Partner Connect, as well as for storing small files uploaded through the upload data UI.

You can configure CORS settings during initial deployment of your Unity Catalog metastore storage, or change these settings later. Only sufficiently privileged cloud administrators can apply these changes. The instructions that follow assume that you have proper credentials and are logged into the cloud console for the account containing your storage account.

Configure CORS settings for S3

  1. Use the AWS console to select your bucket from the buckets list.

  2. Select Permissions.

  3. Select Edit under Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

  4. Copy the following JSON configuration into the text box:

            "AllowedHeaders": [],
            "AllowedMethods": [
            "AllowedOrigins": [
            "ExposeHeaders": [],
            "MaxAgeSeconds": 1800
  5. Select Save changes.