(Legacy) Cluster-named init scripts


Legacy global init scripts and cluster-named init scripts are end-of-life and can no longer be used. For supported and recommended patterns, see What are init scripts?.

Legacy cluster-named init scripts run on a cluster with the same name as the script. Cluster-named init scripts are best-effort (silently ignore failures), and attempt to continue the cluster launch process.

Databricks recommends using cluster-scoped init scripts instead of cluster-named init scripts. See Use cluster-scoped init scripts.

Disable legacy cluster-named init scripts for a workspace

Use the workspace-conf API to disable legacy cluster-named init scripts for a workspace. See Enable/disable features.

In a JSON request body, specify enableDeprecatedClusterNamedInitScripts to false, as in the following example:

curl -X PATCH -n \
https://<databricks-instance>/api/2.0/workspace-conf \
-d '{
    "enableDeprecatedClusterNamedInitScripts": "false"

Example response:

"enableDeprecatedClusterNamedInitScripts": "false"