Query a served model with ai_query()


This feature is in Public Preview.

This article describes how to query a model serving endpoint from SQL with ai_query().

What is ai_query()?

The ai_query() function is a built-in Databricks SQL function, part of AI functions. It allows these types of models to be accessible from SQL queries:

  • Custom models hosted by a model serving endpoint.

  • Models hosted by Databricks Foundation Model APIs.

  • External models (third-party models hosted outside of Databricks).

For syntax and design patterns, see ai_query function.

When this function is used to query a model serving endpoint, it is only available in workspaces and regions where Model Serving is available and enabled.


Query the endpoint with ai_query()

You can query the model behind the endpoint using ai_query() on serverless or pro SQL warehouses. For scoring request and response formats see Query model serving endpoints.


This function is not supported in notebook environments, including Databricks notebooks.

Example: Query a large language model

The following example queries the model behind the sentiment-analysis endpoint with the text dataset and specifies the return type of the request.

SELECT text, ai_query(
    returnType => "STRUCT<label:STRING, score:DOUBLE>"
  ) AS predict

Example: Query a predictive model

The following example queries a classification model behind the spam-classification endpoint to batch predict whether the text is spam in inbox_messages table. The model takes 3 input features: timestamp, sender, text. The model returns a boolean array.

SELECT text, ai_query(
  endpoint => "spam-classification",
  request => named_struct(
    "timestamp", timestamp,
    "sender", from_number,
    "text", text),
  returnType => "BOOLEAN") AS is_spam
FROM catalog.schema.inbox_messages