with email or external accounts

This article shows how to allow users to sign in to Databricks using one-time passcodes via email or common external accounts, such as Google or Microsoft. To configure single sign-on to authenticate using your organization’s identity provider, see Configure SSO in Databricks.

Configure sign-in with email or external accounts

The following demo walks you through configuring sign-in with email or external accounts: Configure sign-in with Google or Microsoft.

  1. As an account admin, log in to the account console and click the Settings icon in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Single sign-on tab.

  3. Next to Authentication, click Manage.

  4. Choose Sign-in with email or external providers.

  5. In Choose sign-in options, select one or more methods that users can choose to log in:

    • One-time passcode: Users will receive codes via email that can be used to sign in to Databricks.

    • Google Sign-in: Users can sign in to Databricks with their existing Google accounts.

    • Microsoft Entra ID: Users can sign in to Databricks with their existing Microsoft Entra ID accounts.

  6. Click update.

Log in using email or external accounts

When single sign-on is not configured, users can log in to Databricks using their email or one of the account providers selected in the account console. When a user logins with a one-time passcode, Databricks sends a unique code to the user’s email address. The user must then retrieve this code from their email and enter it on the login page to verify their identity. This enhances security by ensuring that only individuals with access to the registered email can log in.

Login with email or providers