Introduction to Databricks Machine Learning

This article is an introduction to Databricks Machine Learning. It describes the benefits of using Databricks for common ML tasks and provides links to notebooks, tutorials, and user guides to help you get started.

What is Databricks Machine Learning?

Databricks Machine Learning provides an integrated machine learning environment that helps you simplify and standardize your ML development processes. With Databricks Machine Learning, you can:

Databricks Machine Learning also includes all of the capabilities of the Databricks workspace, including:

For machine learning applications, Databricks recommends using a cluster running Introduction to Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning.

Use Databricks for model development and deployment

The diagram shows how the capabilities of Databricks map to the steps of the model development and deployment process.

Machine learning diagram: Model development and deployment on Databricks

Next steps

To get started, see:

To learn about key Databricks Machine Learning features, see:

For a recommended MLOps workflow on Databricks Machine Learning, see: