Connect to Hevo Data

Hevo Data is an end-to-end data pipeline platform that allows you to ingest data from 150+ sources, load it into the Databricks lakehouse, then transform it to derive business insights.

You can connect to Hevo Data using a Databricks SQL warehouse (formerly Databricks SQL endpoints) or a Databricks cluster.

Connect to Hevo Data using Partner Connect

To connect to Hevo Data using Partner Connect, see Connect to ingestion partners using Partner Connect.


Partner Connect only supports SQL warehouses for Hevo Data. To connect using a cluster, do so manually.

Connect to Hevo Data manually

This section describes how to connect to Hevo Data manually.


You can use Partner Connect to simplify the connection experience with a SQL warehouse.

To connect to Hevo Data manually, complete the following steps in the Hevo Data documentation:

  1. Create a Hevo Data account or sign in to your exising Hevo account.

  2. Configure Databricks as a Destination.

Next steps

Follow steps in the Hevo Data documentation to do the following:

  1. Create a Pipeline to move your data from a source system to the Databricks lakehouse.

  2. Create Models and Workflows to transform your data in the Databricks lakehouse for analysis and reporting.

Additional resources

Explore the following Hevo Data resources: