Cluster-named init scripts (legacy)


This documentation has been retired and might not be updated. The products, services, or technologies mentioned in this content are no longer supported. See What are init scripts?.


Legacy global init scripts and cluster-named init scripts are end-of-life and can no longer be used.

Legacy cluster-named init scripts run on a cluster with the same name as the script. Cluster-named init scripts are best-effort (silently ignore failures), and attempt to continue the cluster launch process.

Databricks recommends migrating all existing cluster-named init scripts to cluster-scoped init scripts. See Use cluster-scoped init scripts. Cluster-named init scripts are not visible in the UI but can be found at dbfs:/databricks/init/<cluster-name>/, where <cluster-name> is the name of the folder that contains the init scripts. They must be deleted or moved from that folder to complete a migration.

Disable legacy cluster-named init scripts for a workspace

Use the workspace-conf API to disable legacy cluster-named init scripts for a workspace. See Enable/disable features.

In a JSON request body, specify enableDeprecatedClusterNamedInitScripts to false, as in the following example:

curl -X PATCH -n \
https://<databricks-instance>/api/2.0/workspace-conf \
-d '{
    "enableDeprecatedClusterNamedInitScripts": "false"

Example response:

"enableDeprecatedClusterNamedInitScripts": "false"