WKB_PARSE_ERROR error class


Error parsing WKB: <parseError> at position <pos>


  • parseError: Description of the kind of parse error encountered.

  • pos: The 1-based position in the WKB binary string where the parse error occurred.


Some geospatial functions may return this error when parsing the input, that is expected to be in well-known binary (WKB) format. Learn more about WKB.


-- Feeding an empty geometry collection in WKB format into the h3_polyfillash3string function (as opposed to a polygon or multipolygon).
> SELECT h3_polyfillash3string(unhex('010700000000'), 8)
  [WKB_PARSE_ERROR] Error parsing WKB: Invalid or unsupported type 7 at position 2

-- The input WKB corresponds to a polygon with 5 vertices in the exterior ring, but only 4 vertices are present in the description.
> SELECT h3_polyfillash3(unhex('0103000000010000000500000050fc1873d79a5ec0d0d556ec2fe342404182e2c7988f5dc0f46c567dae064140aaf1d24d628052c05e4bc8073d5b444050fc1873d79a5ec0d0d556ec2fe34240'), 2)
  [WKB_PARSE_ERROR] Error parsing WKB: Unexpected end of WKB buffer at position 78