H3 geospatial functions example

In this example, we analyze flight data with various H3 geospatial built-in functions. The example notebook uses the following functions.

  • How to use h3_longlatash3 to get an H3 cell from latitude and longitude values.

  • How to use h3_centeraswkt to get the centroid of the H3 cell as WKT (Well Known Text).

  • How to use h3_h3tostring for rendering with KeplerGL.

  • How to use h3_hexring so that overlapping data are not lost at the boundary of a cell.

  • How to use h3_distance between two grid cells and to apply windowing used for lag distances.

  • How to render analysis results with kepler.gl.

Notebook example: Analyze data with H3 functions

The following notebook uses H3 functions to analyze flight data.

H3 Detect Flight Holding Pattern Tables Python notebook

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