June 2018

These features and Databricks platform improvements were released in June 2018.


Releases are staged. Your Databricks account may not be updated until a week after the initial release date.

Cluster log purge

June 19-26, 2018: Version 2.74

By default, cluster logs are retained for 30 days. You can now delete them permanently and immediately by going to the Workspace Storage tab on the Admin Console. See Purge workspace storage.

Trash folder

June 7-14, 2018: Version 2.73

A new Trash Trash folder contains all notebooks, libraries, and folders that you have deleted. The Trash folder is automatically purged after 30 days. You can restore a deleted object by dragging it out of the Trash folder into another folder.

For details, see Delete an object.

Reduced log retention period

June 7-14, 2018: Version 2.73

Cluster logs for terminated clusters are now retained for 30 days. They used to be retained indefinitely.

Gzipped API responses

June 7-14, 2018: Version 2.73

Requests sent with the Accept-Encoding: gzip header return gzipped responses.

Table import UI

June 7-14, 2018: Version 2.73

The create table UI now supports an option to infer the schema of CSV files:

Infer table schema option